Friday, 26 April 2013

The Wolverine

Listen bub! It’s time to introduce you to the Wolverine! Many people will probably remember the name Wolverine as one of the famous members of the X men . I need to brush up on my comics knowledge but I remember Wolverine not being the most tallest character in the animated TV series, maybe because he was slouching, but that may have been why Logan was named Wolverine. The animal Wolverine is the size of a small bear, but it’s incredibly powerful and of course, they are solitary creatures so they do match the characteristics of a certain member of the X men.

Location: North America
Lifespan: up to 12 years in the wild
Interesting fact: A wolverine may travel 15 miles in a single day to search for food.
We found a video that shows a wolverine in super hero mode as it pulls someone out from an avalanche.

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