Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Tree Kangaroo

Welcome to a new daily feature on this blog where we’ll show you an animal a day that is in our upcoming game, Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary. Until the 3rd of May release visit back each day during the week and we should have some great animal goodness for you to take a look at!

Today we wanted to share one of the animal species we discovered after starting development on the game. Of course we all know lions, pandas and those lovable meerkats (After a series of popular adverts!) but the tree kangaroo was one of those creatures that just sounded extremely odd. We’re glad to have discovered it, check out the video below for an adorable video of A tree kangaroo mother and it’s new-born in Saint Louis Zoo

Below is a piece of in game art from one of the guys on the team. Each animal will have three versions of this artwork representing the male, female and baby versions of each animal.

Location: Rainforests of Australia West Papua and Papua new Guiney
Lifespan: 20 years
Protection status: Endangered
Diet: herbivore
Interesting fact: The Tree kangaroo can fall 60 feet from trees to the ground without being hurt.

Check out Woodland Park Zoo’s Website to see more info on the tree kangaroo at: http://www.zoo.org/page.aspx?pid=1909#.UUgifhy-18E

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