Monday, 4 March 2013

This Week's Animal TV Update

One of the things that you can guarantee will make an appearance on the telly every week is documentaries on the animal kingdom. Over the past few weeks we had been watching ‘Penguins: Spy in the huddle’ where there have been some truly stunning footage captured with some amazing robo penguin technology. What we would give to own our very own robo penguin!

One of the features we’d like to introduce in this blog is a look at this weeks most anticipated wildlife programmes. So, for this week here are our picks for each day!


Title: Elephant orphanage
Time: 6PM
Channel: Eden/ Eden HD
Synopsis: A documentary series following a Kenyan animal sanctuary that rescues baby elephants who have been orphaned due to poaching.


Title: Monkey life
Time: 7PM
Channel: Channel 5/ Channel 5HD
Synopsis:  follows the staff and residents at a monkey/ ape rescue centre in Dorset that is home to 160 rescued primates.


Title: The Zoo
Time: 9:00PM
Channel: ITV 3
Synopsis: An insight into the daily life for the staff and animals at London Zoo in Regent’s Park and its country home at Whipsnade.


Title: Wild down under
Time: 6PM
Channel: Eden/ Eden HD
Synopsis: A historic look at the unique wildlife of Australia.


Why don’t we leave this open for discussion? If you have any documentaries of interest for Friday and over the weekend that you can recommend us to watch, leave a comment

If you watch any of these documentaries share your thoughts on this blog, also, if there’s something amazing you think we've missed tell us! 

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