Thursday, 14 March 2013

Animal News: Finding the Penguins

I've always suspected that finding an animal in its natural habitat is one of the greatest things you can ever see. Most of us will never truly experience that type of spectacle without the help of documentaries. One of the most interesting pieces of animal news I've read this week was when a team of researchers was able to use satellite imagery to locate one of the largest colonies of Emperor Penguins.

What made this story even more unique was the way in which the researchers were able to spot them, the penguins themselves were very difficult to spot in the images but their excrement was visible. It’s great to see that the Penguins are thriving, however, it sounds like they've made a horrifying mess!

When Zoo Park launches in May, Emperor Penguins are in the game and can even make their own mess, but of course you can hire keepers to clean it. The penguins in Antarctica aren't so lucky! Here's a brand new screenshot from our upcoming game Zoo park, showing our Penguins habitat.

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