Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Giraffe

Onwards to Day three of our Animal a Day feature and let’s bring out the giraffes! They are the world’s tallest mammals but because of their size they do need to travel great distances to maintain their diet. The below image is from one of the in game menus showing off the baby version of the Giraffe

Location: Africa
Lifespan: 25 years in the wild
Diet: Herbivore
Interesting fact: The giraffes spots are much like a snowflake, no two are ever exactly the same.  However giraffes from the same area do appear similar.

Here’s a video from Cincinnati Zoo that shows baby Giraffe Lulu stepping outside for the first time. At just two weeks old, it’s impressive how comfortable Lulu is in her new surroundings.

When Zoo Park launches in May your animals will also breed to have babies! 

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