Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Black Bear

We’re focusing on the Black Bear. Bears have been consistent childhood allies, from teddy bears to even becoming successful children’s programmes including Winnie the pooh. There are even several songs and stories that we tell children about bears. While they can be dangerous animals, there is a certain charm to them that makes them very interesting.

Location: America
Lifespan: 20 years in the wild
Diet: Omnivore
Interesting fact: During the winter months, the black bear spends the season dormant in their dens feeding on body fat they have built up while eating during the summer… However female black bears give birth to two or three blind cubs that will stay in the den until spring arrives.  They will stay with their mother for two years

One of the features of Zoo Park: Run your own animal sanctuary is to create suitable habitats for animals in need and rehabilitate them back into the wild. We’ve found this really great video of a local man who has rescued a black bear cub. While perhaps not the best household animal (even though the cub looks adorable), they are planning to rehabilitate them back into the wild.

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